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SCADA Programming

Take advantage of SCADA programming services. This enables regulator users to monitor the electrical substation. I rely on the Survalent® brand to offer SCADA programming services. I chose this brand due to their position as being one of the most trusted leaders in the industry.


Learn the critical techniques on how to operate your voltage regulator with my thorough voltage regulator schools, training and seminars.


Never compromise when it comes to your equipment. Choose the only voltage regulator capacitor testers on the market made by ZEMAR INC.

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Look no further for the very best in testing equipment and training for voltage regulators when you come to ZEMAR INC. Located in McConnelsville Ohio, I offer a completely hands-on experience, so you can learn the proper way to utilize these devices and maximize their performance. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from someone backed by more than 45 years in the industry. In addition, you'll have access to the only voltage regulator capacitor testers that are perfect for every application.

Mission Statement

Our mission and goal in our training is to make sure that the student understands and is able to work on these types of things safely.

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