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Regulator exploding.

Voltage regulator exploding reason unknown.

Why take the chance you have 1 out of 33 chance to get it right. Think about that. Position indicator and tap changer can get out of synchronization. all brands.

Neutral Tester JR23

A regulator will explode if off neutral. Makes no difference if taking out or putting in service.

COMING Trouble shooting manual.

Will cover all three brands. complete with drawings and schmatics.

Regulator school coming in January 2019

Hands on all three brands of regulators.

Will be at McConnelsville Ohio.

Limited to 6 students.

Have 3 spots open.

Length two days .

Dates will be announced.

Products & Services

Regulator Training

Training your site or ours.


JR23 Neutral Tester Detecter

Voltage regulator neutral tester for

 de-energized regulators before you place in service.

Trouble shooting guide

Explains basics of a regulator

How to test complete regulator using 120 volts.

Basic trouble shooting of common problems.

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ZEMAR INC voltage regulator training and regulator test equipment . To make sure regulator is on neutral before energizing. Also will detect open source, load or source load leads. Started in the electrical business in 1969. Formed ZEMAR INC in 1979. ,  Have worked all over the world teaching, trouble shooting and repairing regulators as well as reclosers.  My goal has always been, to be available to my customers 24/7. You need help 2:00 AM do not hesitate to call me. The only people that knows you called are you and myself.  Voltage regulators are the most dangerous piece of equipment on your system, so please call if you need help, no charge for this service.


Voltage regulator training, your site or ours.


  Joe Robb has over 49 years experience.


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5209 N SR 60 N

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