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Voltage Regulator Test Equipment & Training

Training Taylored to Your Needs.

I Cover All Brands.

Hands On.

Completely Test Regulator

With Voltmeter , 2 Test Cords And

120 Volts. 

New JR23 Combo Regulator And Neutral Tester.

JR22 Regulator Capacitor Tester.

Learn About ZEMAR INC

Look no further for the very best in test equipment and training for voltage regulators when you come to ZEMAR INC. Located in McConnelsville Ohio, I offer a completely hands-on experience, so you can learn the proper way to utilize these devices and maximize their performance. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from someone backed by more than 47 years in the industry. In addition, you'll have access to the most reliable regulator testers that are perfect for every application.

Learn More About ZEMAR INC

Contact me today to request more information regarding my extensive training or selection of voltage regulator testers.